Tag: Science Fiction

Valerian and the city of a thousand planets

This is definately a movie that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys scifi-movies. I discovered it recently quite by chance, watched the trailer and noticed that Luc Besson wrote, directed and produced it. He also made The fifth element which is quite a favourite of mine. So, I avoided reading any of the critics […]

Autumn and books

So I have been reading Suzanne Collins trilogy: The Hunger Games and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. I did watch the movies first and they had me spellbound from beginning to end. And then the books which are just so incredibly written and I found that they added so much more insight to […]

Gold Fame Citrus

Yes, I allready found my next book 🙂 it is Gold Fame Citrus written by Claire Waye Watkins. It is a novel about a dystopian California suffering exaustingly from watershortage, a devastating drought has taken over and we follow a few drifters as they make their way through the landscape of a once great and […]

1q84 – the trilogy by Murakami

I just started reading 1Q84 a trilogy by the japanese writer Murakami. It is a whopping 1318 pages long, so I will be delving into this amazing book at least for a week 😉 probably more. So, having just begun, I read 100 pages today, I still have a lot of pages to get through; […]


I love to read and I my reading over the years have included a wide variety of books on history, philosophy, environment, culture and metaphysics, just to name a few subjects. I also enjoy novels especially on future like Orwell’s ‘1984’, Doris Lessings ‘The memoirs of a survivor’, Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas shrugged’ (which I am […]