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Words, words, words….

So, I have been reading books all my life. Well, ever since I can remember. My dad was head of the local library and through this priviledge I spent quite a lot of my childhood in the company of the written word. Everyone in my family read and to me it seemed like I was […]

Some books worth mentioning

Starting off with a quote from A. A. Milne from Winnie the Pooh because I am such a fan of Winnie and all his friends. I read in the book ever so often and find the Zen-like ponderings are just so amazing and applicable in life. I read ‘Eye of the storm’ by Martin J. […]


I love to read and I my reading over the years have included a wide variety of books on history, philosophy, environment, culture and metaphysics, just to name a few subjects. I also enjoy novels especially on future like Orwell’s ‘1984’, Doris Lessings ‘The memoirs of a survivor’, Ayn Rand’s ‘Atlas shrugged’ (which I am […]