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I enjoy scientific and philosophical theories of the intricate compositions of this world and the universe. It is always enjoyable reading. Learning about the latest discoveries drawn from mathematical, physical and spiritual points of view. It is mere speculation though. However exciting and adventurous these findings may be. As I see it it is all […]


Now there’s a term you don’t encounter every day. Simply put it means that the effect temporarily precedes its cause. Well, that is a bit of a mindbender isn’t it when looking at it from the 3-d perspective where time flows in a linear form forward. That is what we are used to and have […]

Quantum Physics and memes.

With our senses we are picking up data from our surroundings through our receptors in the mind/brain and possibly through receptors in our cell-environment too. And we are also emitting or transmitting energy, data and information the very same way to the energy-field, space or matrix if you like. And if everything is connected with […]

Non-linear time

Interesting concept – non-linear time. In some ways linear time itself is an interesting idea. Non-linear time however includes the mindboggling perspective of everything being in existance all at once. Future is in this scenario right here alongside the present and past. Which means that any and all of these timeperspectives are malleable – changeable. […]