Learning curve

Well, I was discussing school with a friend of mine today and allthough we do differ somewhat in our opinion as to how learning could be acquired, we certainly were in aggreement that the schoolsystem as such could do with some changes. Not only as far as the subjects taught in school, but also in the way they are taught.

All my life I have had a preference to the Summerhill way of teaching. In short the children are living in a democracy where teachers staff and children make decisions in the democratic tradition. The children are given as much freedom as they wish in relation to whether or not they want to follow classes. The only rule is that, if they choose to play or gather information away from the classes, they don’t disturb the children who have decided to attend classes. Some children choose to avoid classteachings for long periods, sometimes years, other for months. But the thing is, that once they are motivated through curiosity about a subject they learn fast. They will learn everything and more in a short period of time.

My thinking is this, children are curious by nature and each and everyone of them has their own way of learning. Some are inspired through playing or music or practical work and others find learning through living with and being inspired by the people around them. And left to their own devices their own natural instincts they will learn everything imaginable at their own pace and in their own time.
I find that schools generally are extremely uninspiring, boring and downright useless when seen in the context of learning about life.

The children are usually divided by age and not by interests or abilities and talents and so the result is that the individuality of the children are not taken into account much less respected as it is now in our public schools.

What we are offering today is the same as it was a hundred years ago. It is the same system and of course the subjects have been updated, but the methods haven’t. And most young people end up leaving school molded into a frame which does not allow for creativity and individuality. And it certainly does not allow for knowledge about life and living in the world as humans.

It would be far more constructive, inspiring and fun if we dropped the schoolsystem all together and instead used the massive amount of money in including the children in the activities in the communities where they would have the choice to recieve knowledge about the subjects that would support their individual motivation for learning.

I think the result would be children, who not only would be more knowledgeable about a variety of subects, but who would also become far better of when it comes to participate constructively in the community and they would certainly have reached a higher level of lifeskills.

Now I do know this would mean a total change in society, but if we expect to create a better future for the children, then we also have to change the way we educate them, or better yet they show us how to educate them.

Changing the timeline

I was just thinking, the current state of affairs taken into consideration – you know the world and all, what would happen if we could go back in time and change one thing. Would it actually have an effect or would things merely take a smal detour and then someone else or something else would emerge and the endresult would be the same or very similar to the one we are experiencing today.
Now timetravel is a dubious affair at best. I am assuming that if travelling in time is a fact at some point in history, then by logical thinking we have timetravellers from the future here right now. Of course I am taking for granted that any timetraveller from the future would find this era interesting enough to come here for a visit.
Could we in fact change the world by altering one thing in history? Or would it just result in a minor hiccup in the flow of events only to return to the original flow of things?
And what could be changed? What would be a significant event that, if altered, could steer the world in a different direction?
A few of the wars come to mind. Or one or two leaders of nations?
What would have happened if Lenin say, just as an example, instead of initiating a revolution had focused his energy on philosophy and writing? Or what about Napoleon if he instead had stayed at home and started a small vineyard? Or what about Jesus, if he wasn’t crucified, but lead a quiet life of contemplation promoting his theology to a smaller circle of faithfull devotees?
I could mention many different persons or scenarios, but the fact remains that I don’t think it would have had a lasting effect or indeed change anything in our current time, well maybe we would have a few million more inhabitants, but I think thats about it.
I have this inkling that someone else or something else would just pop up at some time replacing the changed events ensuring more or less the same result we wittness today.
It is not a defaitistic point of view, but merely the hunch that history per se is not responsible for the way things turn out, for better or for worse, we are. It is us, humanity as such, who are responsible for keeping things the way they are. We are the ones who settle for the dealt hand and try to weedle ourselves out of it by using outdated tools, namely the same tools which has been used for centuries creating the situation, instead of taking a fresh look at things and then applying a more peacefull and friendly attitude.
Well, I am not claiming this is going to be easy, and probably in the end not possible, but it is certainly worth a thought or two.
So, what would I change if I could? I am not sure, but I would be thrilled to have more unicorns in the world 😉 that would just make a whole lot of things easier to swallow.


There are two things that will inevitably stir up strong emotions in people. One is politics and the other is religion. One could argue that they are in fact both the same or at the very least incredibly similar phenomenons. Needless to say it is a fact that whenever one of these topics come up there is a high likelyhood for heated exchange between whoever is arguing or discussing any details of the aforementioned.
Now I allways find it curious that every single one of us (and we are in the neighbourhood of 7 billion inhabitants on this planet give or take a few) have formed our very own opinions on life as it is or isn’t however the case may be and yet we seem convinced that our personal side of things is the right one. And with this backing us up we dive head in set on, not only explaining our view, but assuming that we have the ultimate answer and ability to change the other persons view in favour of ours.
While this certainly does make for an interesting realityshow it also intensifies and deepen the divide between people who in the end are out for the very same thing, namely a peacefull and happy life without too many obstacles in the way.
I have been flabbergasted watching the later years discussions across the globe and seen otherwise sensible beings capable of logic deduction devolve into 5 year olds in a sandbox claiming to be the only rightfull owner of the blue bucket, so to speak. And it never seizes to amaze me how emotionally invested people get in the pursuit of convincing others that they, and only they, hold the key to the right way of seeing things.
As long as this is the state of being we inhabit nothing will change. Absolutely nothing.
It will all remain the same and history will keep repeating itself endlessly, sad to say.
It does make for great entertainment though, I’ll give it that.