The Golden Compass plus…….

Philip Pullmans trilogy starting with The Golden Compass, then The Subtle Knife and finally The Amber Spyglass has been on my cd-player lately.

Now I find the first book excellent, also watched the movie some years back, and the second book quite intriguing, allthough not as compelling a read as the first. As for the third of the books – well, I dont know, somehow it is becoming quite annoying to listen to as one scheme follows another and new ones build up. For me it does not come together as I would expect the last of a trilogy to. And I really doubt that I will finish The Amber Spyglass at all.

Never the less I did thoroughly enjoy The Golden Compass and the whole idea of multiverses/parallel worlds, quantumtheory and souls walking alongside humans in Lyra’s world.

All in all I enjoyed the first book more so than the following.

Anyway, will be taking my reading outside soon, excellent time of the year for doing so.