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This term is often associated with an artform, in visual design as well as in music, where everything is scaled down to as few elements as possible. You may remember Philip Glass the composer who created Powaquatsi and Einstein on the beach, just to mention a few of his works. Now for some years minimalism […]


I frequently rearrange my furniture, usually when I feel its time to dust of behind my books it seems like the perfect time. I love the newness of this, looking at everything from a new angle. It’s refreshing and puts everything in a new light. I do this too with my priorities in life.I find […]

As time goes by….

So, my dad crossed over yesterday. 90 years, a good long life. Except for the past maybe 8 years, he was a pillar of the community and being the head of the local library he also initiated many cultural events. On some of these he worked closely with my mom and they were both kind […]