Audiobooks and more

I have been listening to several audiobooks lately. This is such a pleasant way to keep up with literature whilst sewing, embroidering and drawing.

Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books about Anne from Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea and more plus the sweet and very entertaining Emily-books she wrote has been filling my livingroom with story after story about life on Edward Island and been very entertaining.

I also listened to Ayn Rand’s “Anthem” which is a very interesting science fiction story set some years from now where feelings have been banned. I found this very well written and definately an interesting read.

Murakami’s book “1Q84” is still on my shelf waiting – It will be read – later 🙂

Oh, and I have listened to Douglas Adam’s “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” and “The restaurant at the end of the world” incidentally read by Douglas Adams himself. Now I bought the collected stories from H2G2 onwards – a book of about 800 pages – and have read this volume from cover to cover a few times loving every bit of it. I still laugh out loud at the surreality of the whole thing. So, I shall read this book again and again it is more than worth it.

1q84 – the trilogy by Murakami

I just started reading 1Q84 a trilogy by the japanese writer Murakami. It is a whopping 1318 pages long, so I will be delving into this amazing book at least for a week 😉 probably more.

So, having just begun, I read 100 pages today, I still have a lot of pages to get through; but I am very impressed. This is my first Murakami-book and I actually just heard about him a couple of weeks ago. The book is excellently built-up, telling the story of two main-characters in alternating chapters and telling it in such a way that I am constantly wondering what could possibly happen next. It is drawing the reader in through detailed description of both the main characters as well as the other characters in such a way that one can picture not only the people but also the surroundings as well as the atmosphere.

Now I have not yet been to Japan and have absolutely zero referencepoints personally speaking, but the little I know about japanese culture adds to the social scenery and gives me an experience of being gently guided into the mysteries of a version of Japan.
I will write more about this book as I get further into the story. But recommendable even at this early stage.