So, here it goes – I have been a freelance journalist for about 30 years, alongside studying and working regular jobs like teaching, officework, salesjobs etc.. But I wrote and published articles since late 70’ies, translated a couple of books in the 80’ies and translated quite a lot of material for workshop of an alternative kind. Then again in the 90’ies where I also wrote couple of books (referencebook for latin phrases and one on the many ‘isms we use).

I have always been curios and seeking knowledge whereever I could. My interests varies from life of the Hunza’s, quantumphysics, philosophy, politics, spirituality, litterature, jazz, art and quite a lot inbetween. New and interesting subjects come along all the time and my library at home reflects this unmistakenly.

I have, since my youth, been vary of taking the socalled news for truth. So it naturally follows that I am a skeptic and I do thoroughly research any subject that appears before me, especially if something seems off in some way or the other.

I have never believed that the world we see and the world that is shown to us through the media ever really match up. I was young when the Vietnam-war was raging and I always knew that we were not told what was actually going on. Like so many events since then: wars in the middle east, east-west politics, 9/11, terrorevents across the world, weatherchanges, alliances and non-alliances between countries (not just in our time, but up through history). I always felt that George Orwell had it spot on (I read 1984 when I was fairly young) and that this world we percieve is just that, a percieved world, an illusion and to quote Shakespeare: All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players…..

All of this, and more, has lead me to seek knowledge, do research and be critical and skeptical especially if I come across absolutism, the idea that there is one truth.

There isn’t one truth. There are perceptions and infinite ways to view whatever we think is going on.

On this website I write what I currently think and that might change as time goes on. Nothing is certain in this illusionary world and that kind of makes it intriguing too, well, most days 😉 I tend not to take things too seriously anyway.

So enjoy, see you around 😉 B’naia