This term is often associated with an artform, in visual design as well as in music, where everything is scaled down to as few elements as possible. You may remember Philip Glass the composer who created Powaquatsi and Einstein on the beach, just to mention a few of his works.

Now for some years minimalism has also been associated with a form of living where the material components in ones life is reduced to the basic needs. In other words, keeping ones possessions to a minimum.

I have always been a minimalist, with only a few deroutes into excesses and even then in limited form. I feel more at ease with fewer things around me. And I have decluttered, as the modern expression goes, several times in my life and always felt relieved and cleansed on a deeper level when I am only surrounded by things that I need and use in everyday living.

What is it with material things in duplicates and triplicates that then somehow in our capitalist society translates into status?

I have always liked the calmness that space and light provides. It speaks to my soul and I want that conversation to be as smooth and as undisturbed as possible supporting my 3-d life optimally. I suppose my way of living would not sit well with a lot of people and it doesn’t have to, we are all different; but it seems that it is getting more acceptable now. This is by far a new way of living. It has been around for thousands of years all around the world in every culture imaginable. I suppose it has some balancing quality to the surrounding materialistic societies. Like yin and yang. For one to exist its opposite needs to exist too.

I remember periods in my life where I bought into the meme of copying my surroundings in order to be accepted and in the course of that  I lost the essence of me. But I do actually appreciate these periods too, because they definately helped finetune who I am and what my life-philosophy is and for this I am eternally gratefull.

I thrive on being surrounded by carefully selected items that express the spirit of me. It gives me freedom, sparks my creative core and gives the gift of being present in an uncomplicated and undistracted manner.

So minimalism, or whatever term one gives it, is not only a way of living, it is a way of being.