Valerian and the city of a thousand planets

This is definately a movie that I can recommend to anyone who enjoys scifi-movies. I discovered it recently quite by chance, watched the trailer and noticed that Luc Besson wrote, directed and produced it. He also made The fifth element which is quite a favourite of mine. So, I avoided reading any of the critics before watching, which turned out to be a good idea.

This movie is based on a french scifi-comic: Valerian and Laureline and it is absolutely worth watching. The plot is set in the 28th century where two agents from a special policeforce, created to maintain peace between the numerous species, gets involved in unraveling the plot behind the mysterious destruction of planet Mül.

The movie is incredibly well-made. It is visually beautifull and I personally found it refreshing that the actors cast for the most part were unknown to me (with only a few exceptions). I thoroughly enjoyed the phantasy of it all and the computergenerated images where absolutely faboulous.

I will be watching it again, of that I am sure. I did read a few critical reviews after watching the movie and I must say that I did not agree with them. To me this is really wellmade, the story is wellwritten and the visuals are absolutely beautifull.

So, go watch and enjoy 🙂