I enjoy scientific and philosophical theories of the intricate compositions of this world and the universe. It is always enjoyable reading. Learning about the latest discoveries drawn from mathematical, physical and spiritual points of view. It is mere speculation though. However exciting and adventurous these findings may be. As I see it it is all drawn upon the tools we have in this 3-d existance of ours. It is all ‘what if’s’ even the complex and mindblowing possibilities of for example the world as a holographic projection.

Now, I personally do like this idea that we, and everything, is all bits and bites and particles created from somewhere else entirely. A different dimension, a different frequency or a different parallel universe or timeline. It does sound like a plausible idea. And, as I have researched, does indeed have at least someĀ  legs to stand on in maths and physics.

The thing of it is though that it does seem to base its speculative facts on the 3-d version we are currently residing in (no, I haven’t forgotten about time as the 4th. dimension, just leaving it out for a minute here). And thus, in my mind, falls short of actually representing factual representation. I mean, we can percieve of something outside of our realm of understanding and also prove it with a set of rules and mathematical equations; but all of these come from our, dare I say, limited grip on dimensions and frequencies that are out of our reach.

We are using rules and equations that we have created to categorize the world we live in. And I am just thinking that these will fall extremely short in even beginning to grasp what is outside of what we currently know. I am not dismissing any of these wonderfull theories about other dimensions and frequencies. I am just saying that what we are doing when we calculate our way to an understanding of the makeup, or possibilities, of other universes, dimension etcetera that exist beyond ours, we are merely percieving these realms based on our own experiences from the 3-d world.

I read Edwin Abbott Abbott’s book ‘Flatland’ many years ago and it has a point worth mentioning. The story takes place in a 2-dimensional world where everything is flat (hence the name) and in this world a 3-dimensional sphere appears. To 3-d world entities it of course looks like a sphere; but the 2-d guys only percieve a circle due to the lack of height in their world. The point is, if you attempt to show a higher dimension to a lower one it will only show the part of its form (frequency etc.) that are possible within this limited dimension. And further more any thoughts of a higher dimension than the one you are currently inhabiting will consequently be theoretical and speculative. In order for a lower dimension to understand a higher dimension it needs to apply higher dimensional tools.

I do not doubt for one minute that exceptional dimensions and frequencies and more exists in even more phenomenal ways than we can imagine and I do think it could be a possibility to actually discover one or more of them at some point. But I do also think that it will be so much more complex than what our math and science are capable of calculating.