Now there’s a term you don’t encounter every day. Simply put it means that the effect temporarily precedes its cause. Well, that is a bit of a mindbender isn’t it when looking at it from the 3-d perspective where time flows in a linear form forward. That is what we are used to and have accepted as an absolute truth: things happen and an effect follows.

But with there being no absolutes and all, there is room for playing, so to speak. And that is exactly what quantum physics introduces with retrocausality – the possibility of time and space to exist on multiple levels and frequencies.

Now, I for one am intrigued. I am a philosopher first and foremost, but I am extremely interested in science and very fond of quantum physics, so I kind of want this explained in laymans terms, or at least including some kind of visual idea. Anyway, scientists say that there is no physical law stating that time should move forward – it could just as well move backwards – and Richard Feynman (with others) proposes that time can flow in both directions and occasionally the present can affect the past.

This all comes out of quantum mechanics of course, where entangled particles, even though separated by vast distance, will still be able to affect each other (all proven facts by the way). And the way retrocausality explains this is: that when something affects one particle in the present, the information travels back in a place in time where the particles were entangled.

So the visual is this: two particles, once entangled, now in different places in space – one experiencing a event, then sending info about this event back to a time and place where the two particles were entangled. So, from a future position to a past position. 😉 The thing is that it is a lot easier to understand if we, instead of viewing time as linear (past to present to future) see past, present and future all existing at once. Then information moving across time will be similar to information moving across space.

Just imagine what this will do for our understanding of space, time and the universe. Still a theory and at the very beginning, but one that is drawing in more and more scientists, so let’s see where it all flows 🙂