Quantum Physics and memes.

With our senses we are picking up data from our surroundings through our receptors in the mind/brain and possibly through receptors in our cell-environment too. And we are also emitting or transmitting energy, data and information the very same way to the energy-field, space or matrix if you like. And if everything is connected with the Unified Field Theory, and indeed the Quantum Theory, then we are communicating, that is sending out a constant flow of information, to everyone and everywhere and thereby influencing the unfolding of events and maybe even transcending space and time while we are at it 😉

Quantum physics clearly shows, well within our current limited 3-d understanding, that parts of a split atom will instantly be affected by its other half’s experiences no matter what distance is between them. So it does make sense from this that whatever energy is sent to the information field can have effect thousands of miles away and even further than that. What humanity is slowly beginning to understand is that whatever idea or concept (also called a meme) is fabricated it will eventually create a conviction of truth that in turn then will be consequential on a global scale.

A meme doesn’t necessarily have to be true, it very rarely is, it just needs to be implanted in mass-consciousness for it to take effect. Nowadays, but certainly also centuries ago, the media is incredibly skilled in spreading memes to such an extent that it almost seems mesmerizing to the unsuspecting population. Way back in history the prime originator was religion and tribal beliefs of any kind that would spread these memes. Not surprisingly it is more or less the same institutions we see at work here today. The only difference is the interconnectedness we have via the electronic media, television, cell-phones, the internet and all the intricately thought-out social-media-platforms which ensures that any meme, any idea or concept (lies included to a staggering number) is now spread instantly.

And for quite a lot of people it is hard to discern between the credible and the incredible, the truth and the lies. We haven’t become more gullible or less intelligent. It is just the amount of information, and certainly disinformation, that is flooding our way which makes it close to almost impossible to sort through and discard the jokers in the massive influx.

Most people take refuge in their preferred pleasantry of life. And who can really blame them. Being overwhelmed is the number one cause of stress worldwide if the numbers can be trusted and probably the reason why so many choose not to get involved and leave it to whoever is currently in charge of running things to select which memes gets the most attention. Quite a large percentile of the worlds population has enough to do on a daily basis to observe and take note of the glitzes in the matrix, the asynchronicities in their lives and the in- and out flowing of energy and information.

It is like a subdued programme which never really surfaces to demand some kind of attention. And because of this, one could speculate, whenever someone comes along who has actually not only noticed this energy and information-exchange but also proven its existence, then people will discharge it as utter and complete nonsense, thereby securing the overly popular memes to flourish.

I know I am probably simplifying this. But as I said before it is possible to make people believe anything (I have to throw in almost anything here, because of the non-existence of absolutes, well at least as far as I understand things). We, now more than ever, live in a world of illusions. It is easy to be caught up in a persuasive version of ‘the truth’ and run with it, never even glancing in other directions and thereby creating yet another dubious tale.

When you then take into account the diminished attentionspan with large portions of the population, and add the impossibility of the average citizen to actually get evidence of what is going on thousands of milkes away, it does provide a fertile ground for slipping in memes left, right and center.

I guess there is no real way to avoid being caught up in someone elses memes, except maybe learn to discern facts from fiction and instead of jumping to conclusions based on assumptions (which are invariably limited to the understanding of the person making them anyway) then ask direct questions and get information – I mean how hard can this be………. 😉