Non-linear time

Interesting concept – non-linear time. In some ways linear time itself is an interesting idea. Non-linear time however includes the mindboggling perspective of everything being in existance all at once. Future is in this scenario right here alongside the present and past. Which means that any and all of these timeperspectives are malleable – changeable. Which again throws the old paradigm of the non-changeability of the past straight out the window. And the same goes for the free will of futureevents.

Unless of course one takes account for infinite timelines and adds this into the mix 😉 well, thats a subject for another day.

I am not partial to any form of explanation on this rather intriguing aspect of perception, be it scientific or otherwise, but I do wonder about the possibilities of stepping outside the currently fixed timeperspective.

In quantum physics the quantum double slit experiment,  forming either particles or waves, demonstrates the role of consciousness where if observed the result is affected. And I should add it doesn’t matter whether a person is observing the experiment or a camera is, it still changes the outcome. So, by observing the linear timeline we are in effect creating a certain way of life unfolding, as opposed to being non-partial to the idea of a linear time or even observing the concept of non-linear time. It seems to me there are opportunities here for further exploring the current perception of a linear timeline and maybe even introducing the endless possibilities of non-linear time within the consciousness of us as humans. Are we just seeing what we expect to see? Or are we seeing what is?

I do know that this is merely our 21st. century understanding of the universal buildup from whatever limited point of view we are presently adhering to. Somewhere along our developement/evolution we are going to fathom the allready existing nature of our universe.

The ideas are, as Plato philosophized, present in a non-corporal form untill manifested. So too, I believe, is our understanding of the Universe. It will eventually unravel – either here and now or there and then 😉