I have been fascinated by stories since I can remember. From a really young age I would ask my parents and grandparents what it was like when they were young. I use to love, and still do,  hearing the stories they could remember from their childhood and youth about themselves and also what they could remember other familymembers had told them about theirs.

Over the years it has kind of morfed into a genuine interest about lived life and not just where my own family is concerned, but also friends and collegues and even people I dont even have a personal connection with. It is so amazing to hear how other people percieve their lives, what they have experienced and what they have learned from these experiences.

It is the foundation of how we evolve as people, as families and as cultures. And it makes us so much more alive when we connect with the stories of our ancestors. It holds the key to our own lives as we carry these struggles, loves and dreams of our forefathers with us into the present and even further into the future.

I do imagine this is why I love journalism so much. It holds the essence of storytelling in a way that no other profession does. It carries the seeds of personal history and people from all walks of life together in shared life-experiences . And the knowledge I/we can gain from these lifestories are priceless in our understanding of who and what shaped the culture and the people that we are surrounded by at this very moment. Their experiences in the past are part of our present and this to me is the very magic of stories and of history.