The now

I have a wristwatch, analogue, no batteries, no numbers to indicate progression of time just lines in their place. A gift from my father some years back and I love it. I wind it every night and it keeps time perfectly. I prefer this antigue time-keeper to my modernday cellphone when it comes to checking whereabouts I am, timewise, during the day or night. It is like a tranquil reminder of slow living, the zen-like state of mind where everything is what it is, nothing more and certainly nothing less.

It is in no hurry to get somewhere fast or to connect me to any kind of virtual reality. It just is. Slowly marking the seconds, minutes and hours with no expectations.

I like this very much.

It sort of links me to my soul state of existance. A place where time is of no consequence. Yesterday, tomorrow, today all becomes blended into one moment. The now. This inexplicable, yet all encompassing instant where everything exists all at once. The I of things is everything and nothing.

I like this feeling of infinite possibilities all rolled into one. The feeling that in reality there is no time, there is just the perception of time. It gives me such peace of mind knowing that I am too just the perception I hold of me and that, just like time, it is merely a perception in the moment, a moment loaded with all there is, was and ever will be.

Now, that is powerfull isn’t it?