Just a thought

I am doing research for an article on intelligence, learning and the brain at the moment. And it is fascinating stuff, to say the least, especially in the light of the fact that we are so far away from even being able to define and pinpoint a thought in the physical brain.

It does amaze me that there are so many theories and ideas about the elusive existence of thoughts, of memories and images of the mind.

Where does it all come from indeed. πŸ˜‰ We are, in my current understanding, converting electrical impulses into intangible thoughtpatterns fully equipped with reasoning, logic and the ability to form these into new creative ideas. Of course all minutely adapted to the billions of varieties that humanity consists of.

No two people have ever had the exact same and interchangeable thoughtpatterns. Not now and not for as far back in history as we can possibly get, not even identical twins. There is of course something else entirely going on. With our technology as it is at the present, we have no way of measuring anything that remotely resemble a thought, its origin, development and existence. But there are some interesting similarities to the way other electrical devices, for a lack of a better word, transforms electricity into tangible images, sounds and objects which may hold some form of answer to the mysteries of the creation of thought.

Take a radio for instance. It is but an organised design of physical materials untill you add an electrical outlet, turn it on and scroll up and down the scale of frequencies. Then, and not by magic we know that, different stations transmit their programs on this one reciever. Depending on the frequency you choose you will get different results. It is all there, in the air, being sent via electricity, airwaves etc. and then recieved at this particular station.

I am not postulating that the mind and the brain functions in exactly the same way, but it is scientifically proven that the electricity in the brain, the electrical impulses between synapses, can be manipulated from outside sources, thus resulting in changed or new thoughtpatterns. My personal inkling is this, we are tuning in to electrical frequencies which in turn is affecting our brainwaves and our thoughts.

This is in no way groundbreaking news. And let me explain this through the function of the strongest creator of magnetic and electrical fields in the body, the heart. It is a wellknown fact that the heart is affected by our emotions. What is not known to all of us is that the magnetic and electrical fields created by our emotions also affect the electromagnetic field of the earth. And this of course also works the other way around. We are affected by the electromagnetic field of earth.

Our brain is not only emitting electric energy. It is also recieving electric energy in much the same way as the heart. Hence my comparison to the aforementioned electrical equipment. The thing to contemplate here could be – how? And what exactly makes the human brain recieve and process logical and sensible (well hopefully) thoughts complete with compassionate understanding of the workings of our world?

Brainresearch has shown that different areas of the brain handle different aspects of physical and mental abilities and that specific cells like the spindle cells are responsible, maybe not solely, for our social organisation, emotions, intuition and gut-reactions.Β These spindle cells are found in humans and, as is known now, in dolphins and humpback whales which certainly could explain their ability to cooperate, solve complex problems, feel emotions and be compassionate. So, if these spindle cells are as deeply involved in the creation of thoughts, then where do they recieve their information from?

A million things need to be discovered before some kind of answer appears, and I would really be excited to learn more about the ‘how’ of it all and possibly the ‘where from’ of it all. πŸ™‚