Value of (some) human life

We have literally been flooded with images of the aftermaths of hurricanes, massive rainfalls and human tragedies across the globe. While I am all for getting the news out there, so to speak, I do wonder a bit what lies behind the amount of coverage an incident gets.

August 13th. a terror attack kills 13 and injures 100 in Barcelona.
August 14th. a mudslide kills over 1000 people and leaves around 3000 homeless.

While the Barcelona terror attack was reported on extensively, directly and very detailed, the mudslide in Sierra Leone was more or less just reported on as a sidestory.

August 28th. hurricane Harvey devastates Texas and specifically Houston with a deathtoll of approximately 45, thousands left homeless and huge areas of the city under water with added risks of many more affected due to aftermaths.
August 29th. torrential rains in Mumbai leaves the city more or less under water and with the recent flooding in Bangladesh and Nepal the number of deaths come to more than 1200, houses collapsing, the Mumbai-inhabitants facing even more deaths and disease in the near future.

The Houston floods was, and is still, covered in detail and in length on MSM and elsewhere. While the flooding in Mumbai is recieving little to no attention after the initial reporting.

Why is there this blatant discrepancy in the reporting of western disasters as opposed to disasters taking place in Africa or Asia?

Are western lives more important?

Is this a poorly disguised attempt to place value on human life depending on what race or what country we are talking about?

What is this conscious choice in the media-reporting telling us?

Can we, as a humanity, keep accepting that western countries recieve more attention than the rest of the world despite the fact that western economies are so much better equipped to deal with the aftermaths than say India and Africa?

What will this manipulation through the medias cost in the long run if not deepening the rift between races, religions and politics. We are experiencing a world that is more and more dependant on the cooperation of nations and yet the imbalance between the poor countries and the rich is becoming more and more pronounced.

The pictures from Mumbai and Houston are similar. People struggling through massive flooding to get themselves, their families and the few belongings they can carrie to safe places hoping for some kind of relief, food and shelter and yet it seems that it is more important to the medias to report on the disaster in the US than the one in India.

I am hoping that this will change in the near future. That there will be enough outcry from people all over the world to demand that we treat everyone equally and that we do not create false discrimination based on country of origin.

We have to make a change in the way the media and we ourselves value human life if we plan for a better world.

There is no way around it.