Ben Webster on saxophone filling the air with soft jazz, Nina Simone and her unforgettable voice opening ever so slightly to worlds gone by and Erroll Garner, Al de Meola, Mills Brothers, Andrew Sisters and, and, and……………need I say more.

The music of masters, a time forever existing in some corner of my memories and magically merging, fusing, melting, almost invisibly, past and present and future.

Timeless in essense. Jazz. My mentor, my friend, my muse. Colours weaving out-of-this-world patterns. Creation holding its breath in anticipation for just one more swirl of motion.

Seems I have allways been meant to be born in a time where jazz was part of the equation. To me there is no other music that even comes close to expressing a fraction of what life is all about.
Growing up in the sixties there were plenty of other choices, but jazz made its imprint, deep and longlasting. Gaining depth, love and understanding as time went by.

I have my parents and the era I was born into to thank for the initial exposure. And I am incredibly grateful for this gift.

Of course there was classical, folk, rock and pop too; but jazz was the colour of my childhood and youth and has been my faithfull companion through thick and thin all through the years.

Remaining my stable goto whereever I am in life.

I have on occasion expanded my listening enjoyment to Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves and even Patsy Cline and Vera Lynn, if you can believe it, and for me it fits together beautifully.

Jazz is an aspect of me that makes everything else make sense in a way no other music can. It fills out the gaps and inspires, uplifts and expands my world reminding me of who I am as a soul, a human and a participant in this infinite universe.

Jazz is life. So simple. So profound.