Tiny House

I have been fascinating by tiny houses for a few years now. It kind of reminds me of summerhouses, small, cosy and cute 🙂 and I have been watching countless videos on youtube showing tiny houses around the world for a few years now.

Allways imagining building one myself or having one built to my wishes and wants, creating floorplans and interiors and materials to suit my ideas of sustainable living.

You know, solarpanels, a small woodburning fireplace, a minimal kitchen, composting toilet, storagespace but not too much (I like the idea of using the width of the tiny house instead) and so on….

And then yesterday I had the opportunity to actually visit one where I live.

Amazing, beautifull and very revealing of the reality of living in such a small, albeit wellordered, space.

I did enjoy the experience of it and I did realize one very important fact – the idea is far more attractive in theory than in real life.

Oh, I could easily spend a holiday in one; but I do think that I would eventually tire of the limited space and in the long run maybe find the whole thing too claustrophobic for my taste.

I like space around me.

I like the fact that I can dance around without falling over furniture, I like a lot of light in my livingquarters and I like the fact that I can close the door to the bedroom, the kitchen etc. and still have more than enough room to have people over for dinner or whatever.

And I love that I have two walls dedicated to books and things.

So, I guess I am not a candidate for a tiny house just yet.

But it was, and still is, a charming idea 🙂