Pedestrian rant….

So, I don’t have a drivers license, which makes it logical that I don’t have a car either of course.

I walk everywhere, all the time and I don’t mind the rain, snow or even a storm. Walking is my thing if you like. Which in this society makes me a pedestrian. Ha, yes I am aware of the doublemeaning….. In this context however I am referring to us bipeds who frequent the pavements of this world.

We do however from time to time claim the right to cross over streets to a pavement on the opposite side. And while this sometimes does occur outside the reserved spaces for pedestrians, (you know where no lights are telling you when you are allowed to cross over and you do it when its safe, because being a pedestrian doesn’t automatically take away your sanity and ability to judge a situation), a lot of crossing over happens at designated pedestrian crossings.

Lights going from red to yellow to green. You know what I mean.

Now here is a thing that annoys me no end.

Usually, the person walking, has to push a button to activate the trafficlights that controls the pedestrian crossing area. Fine, whatever!

But, the tricky thing is to get there in time. There is a short window of opportunity in which the pedestrian has a chance to notify the trafficlights that, yes here is a person who wants the possibility to cross the streets in an orderly fashion, (something society apparently values highly).
The idea is simple and yet if you miss this short window, the trafficlights overrule any pressing of buttons from the pedestrian and demonstratively refuses to give a green light, making the pedestrian wait another round before releasing the ‘it’s allright to go’ green light.

It is ludicrous. Cars rule, no exception. Even when it is pouring down, the umbrella has given way a long time ago and you are as wet as you could ever get and cars are whizzing by cascading puddle-water on your bag, your shoes and whatever else seems within reach (usually everything) – there are no exceptions to this rigid trafficlight dictatorship.

I have a sneaking suspicion that these trafficlights are designed by people who hate pedestrians with every fiber of their being and who has the evil wish to transform all kinds of transport into a cars only world, so that they once and for all can eradicate the menacing pedestrians alltogether.

Why on earth don’t they just let the trafficlights for pedestrians syncronize with the trafficlights for the cars going in the same direction? Would solve a lot of problems I tell you. When its green for cars then let it be green for us walking folks too.

How difficult can this concept be?

I have turned into quite the rebel, well I always was one anyway, I ignore the trafficlights completely. If cars can drive in the direction I am venturing, then certainly I can walk as well.

I have even converted a few very polite people in my time too. You know the type, they let out a resigned sigh when they missed the opportunity to push the button for walking and then they stand there waiting in constrained misery untill the light gives them permission to venture forth. I don’t know, anyway, I walk briskly by saluting them cheerily saying: I think it’s ok to cross now too. And they usually follow my lead albeit looking around to see if anyone has seen them misbehaving.

Society’s a bitch when it it comes to conditioning their inhabitants.

Another thing I find so discriminating about pedestrian crossings is the time one is allowed to use to cross the road. This is mindbafflingly short (if there is such a word). So short in fact that even though I walk quite fast the light turns red about ten steps before I reach the other side. Now I continue, as you will allready have guessed, why should I be stranded somewhere in the middle of the road waiting yet another round before its my turn again?

No f…ing way. Just saying……

Besides it totally screws up the chances of reaching the button controlling the pedestrian trafficsignal if one is needing to catch that one too, Soooooo…..

We should get our right to cross roads freely back. Get cars out and away from cities, towns and other areas where people live. Let the carowners walk for a change. It could actually do them some good, the exercise and the fresh air.

And just think of the amazing airquality we would gain with no exhaust from gasoline- and dieseldriven vehicles.

I vote for extensive no-car-zones now……. It’s about time!