Month: April 2017

Language and the concept of time

Language has always been a mystery to me. Well, not language as such, but how we interact through language. Our intentions and sentiments are more often than not lost as we translate them into language and unintentionally we often end up explaining ourselves endlessly in order to convey what we meant using time and experience […]

Tiny House

I have been fascinating by tiny houses for a few years now. It kind of reminds me of summerhouses, small, cosy and cute 🙂 and I have been watching countless videos on youtube showing tiny houses around the world for a few years now. Allways imagining building one myself or having one built to my […]

Pedestrian rant….

So, I don’t have a drivers license, which makes it logical that I don’t have a car either of course. I walk everywhere, all the time and I don’t mind the rain, snow or even a storm. Walking is my thing if you like. Which in this society makes me a pedestrian. Ha, yes I […]